23 March 2019

Actual information about Oriental Shorthair and Siamese kittens available:
OSH d24 boy
OSH a25 boy

OSH c24 girl

OSH b25 boy
SIA b boy

Super charactere
Very good transport price to UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany.

Worldwide shipping.

OSH d24 boy available 

OSH c24 girl available

18 March 2019

OSH b25 boy available 
D.O.B. 4 November 2018

05 March 2019

OSH n24 boy option until 28.03.

20 February 2019

Oriamore Revelation of Rayel, SIA c21 girl Reserved

OSH a24 boy maby stays, on hold

22 January 2019

15 December 2018

05 November 2018