14 August 2018

08 August 2018

PRA tests results

PRA tests results for following cats are all N/N: Oriamore Quintessential PRA N/N (G29510) Oriamore Xtravaganza PRA N/N (G29507) Oriamore Dayanara PRA N/N (G29508) Oriamore Nero King PRA N/N (G29506) Oriamore Felicity PRA N/N (G29509) Olsiacat Bossanova PRA N/N (Oriamore Platon, G10674, PRA N/N & Sonja Sahmet, G10675, PRA N/N) Mothers of following cats are PRA N/N: Oriamore Estelle Oriamore Laeticia Oriamore Leah Oriamore Gemstone Test for their father Oriamore Zucchero will follow. But we already know Zucco is not PRA positive by the test of his son Oriamore Jared PRA N/N (G29233). It means Estelle, Laetitia, Leah, Gemstone can not be PRA positive.

06 August 2018

Our Pink Panther looking for a slave to adore him :)

Oriamore Ice Cream Caramel, OSH c24 boy, AVAILABLE
D.O.B. 11 January 2018

Last kitten available out of 
Oriamore Zucchero, OSH n25 & BossaNova, OSH b.
Mother PRA N/N, 
father's PRA status will be known soon,
(his random tested sister and children are PRA N/N).
Best personality you can ever find, give hugs and kisses. 
Jealous to his new owner already :).
Available for small cattery or loving home. 
Early lines in few generations, after couple of months ready as a stud.
Very long body, very long tail.
No faults

Oriamore I2...Oriamore Zucchero,
OSH n25
Simeon Listen God Chrysolite,
OSH d 25
Okonor Kaoe
of Chrysolite, 
OSH b25
Okonor Futó Bajnok, OSH d24
Okonor Pióca, OSH b25
Shagio-Chen Bogdana
of Chrysolite, 
OSH d24
Shagio-Chen Simba, OSH d 24
Shagio-Chen Black Pearl, OSH f 24
Shagio-chen Tália, 
OSH n 24
Shagio-chen Javier,
Frisco Hany Harbour*CZ, 
SIA n 21
Shagio-chen Finci,OSH f
Shagio-chen Panci, OSH f 24 03Imladris Indil Naf Naf, OSH d 24
Shagio-chen Panka, OSH j 03 24
 BossaNova Olsiacat, OSH bOriamore
Oriamore Farrell,
Oriamore Bellagio,
Abigail Godsend Mariori, 
Ajre Eldoren, 
SYS b03
 Lion Estelle Shimaya, OSH b24 
Gajane Ai-Inochi,
OSH n 03
Sonja Sahmet, OSH bOkonor Sandoval, OSH bOkonor Futó Bajnok, OSH d24
Arachne De-Luce
Silver Moire, OSH f
Dulsinea Sahmet, OSH nFelix Patri Sahmet, OSH n
Kamilla Li Sahmet, SIA n33

08 May 2018

07 May 2018

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